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People Helping People Complaints and Reviews

Jun 22, 2017

PHP is NOT a SCAM!!!

Helping people to prepare from unexpected loss and plan for retirement or College fund for your child is NOT a scam! Marketing and selling products such Life Insurance, Annuity, 401K rollover, IRA of Companies like Nationwide, AIG, Foresters, Fedelity, Metlife etc.. are scam??? These financial companies has been here since the 1800's! Helping people to get out of debt is NOT a scam! Recruiting Life Insurance Agent is not a scam! In fact you can do this without quitting your current job! PHP will train you to become a successful Life Insurance Producer and if you work hard enough to become a broker and have your own Financial Agency! Where can you find $150 to start your own business w/ so much FREE training tools, materials and classroom training twice a week! I bet you have to pay 350K to franchise starbucks! I have been in PHP for 4 months, just got my license and appointed. Not making money yet but working on higher commission, promotions and recruiting my business partners! I don't work for PHP but I get all the help than I can get! And everyone are so nice specially Marketing Directors. Not only you will gain knowledge it'll changed your personality to love yourself more! You will not make millions overtime here. You need at least 2-3 years to establish like any business out there! It is simple but it's a lot of hard work. So you quitter out there? This is not for YOU! I believe I am good and honest person, I will continue learning the words and I am taking some action to prove to you all that PHP HELP PEOPLE like me! this is NOT a scam!!!
Jun 10, 2017

This is a scam!!!!!!

So i applied through a friend of a friend that posted on fb they were hiring. I was in need of a job. I got called for an interview. Got asked about my life and my goals. Then she said okay im hiring you! In like a 20 min interview!! Im like ... hmm sure!! (I was in a big need of a job) she tells me i had to pay 150 for a license or programs then like 300 for a trip. I left that day feeling uneasy not excited i got a job. I talked to my parents about it and they said wellll we will help u pay for for that ifff you really want to. Im like yess please! My dad gave me the 150 to start off and then i paid one something for saving a spot for me on a trip. The lady said to go in for an orientation the next day. And literary crammed a week worth of information in one day!! I gave her the money and left for the day. I got in my car and CRIED. I cried i was so tired!!! I went home n the next day i decided no im not going to go door to door teaching people about this. I hate doing those things. So i called her and told her to refund me my money im not doing none of that program! She had me on the phone for like 30 min telling me i was giving up and not to listen to my parents. They dont know. Thats when i told her REFUND ME MY MONEY. IM NOT JOINING THAT! She said fine and gave me the number to call to refund me my money and hung up. Rude lady. Her name was Iris and she works in IL. Near Chicago. Learned my lesson!
Jun 7, 2017

PHP People hurting People

Pyramid scheme that suckers 99 percent latinos from a man from Iran
May 27, 2017

PHP proven scam

i was in it so i know for a fact its a scam. They make money getting more people to pay and join and pay for extra training. This is how they make money, rarely by selling the insurance to someone else. This schemes were started by failing business men who could not make it the real world of business stay away.
May 17, 2017

about the owner of this hate-site

This hate-site is opened and operated by a Massachusetts criminal, an Armenian immigrant Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan).

Her address:

4 Repton Circle, Unit 4101 (first floor), Watertown, MA 02472

Some of her emails (out of countless others): [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Her phone numbers: 857-540-6933, 857-540-6033

Marina Noble is a famous prostitute, trashed and discarded from her homeland Armenia for a good reason. In the USA she continues her sex-trade and spreading pesky STDs. She is a true threat to the Homeland Security.

Yet, she fools everybody by falsely claiming to be a medical doctor, health professional, biopharma researcher, office manager, office assistant, etc. All her claims are ridiculously FALSE and can be debunked by a three-minute background search.

A notorious shoplifter, Marina Noble (then Marine Mkhitaryan) entered the USA with IMMIGRATION FRAUD, by bribing her way there, in the corrupted Armenia, to the Edmund Muskie Program (without any knowledge in a single English word).

Being somehow admitted to the Program, she dropped from her studies at Boston University School of Public Health, instead planning her stay in the USA by getting pregnant from random men in craigslist and using her pregnancy as an excuse for the green card, dating a married man and insisting him to divorce and marry her for exclusively immigration purposes.

With that, she violated the 212 E Immigration Code that categorically disallows any Muskie Fellow stay in the USA after the program, even if the fellow marries a USA citizen or bears/delivers a child from the USA citizen.

Our efforts to have this hate-site removed, are yet unsuccessful. But there is something the damaged parties (families, individuals, businesses, careers) can do.

Call to the Immigration Authorities, the USCIS immigration fraud reporting line at

1-800-375-5283, 1-866-347-2423, 1-(866)-DHS-2-ICE, or visit

to submit an online complaint againt Marine Mkhitaryan.

You can also mention Marina Noble's amoral actions (including shoplifting, sex-trade, destroying American homes and businesses by generating income through these hate-sites) that constitute MORAL TURPITUDE in the eyes of

Section 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(I) of the Immigration Act.


Marina Noble's real name (during the immigration fraud) was Marine Mkhitaryan. Use the latter name in your reports, otherwise the USCIS will be unable to locate any Marine Noble.

Some facts:

Marine Mkhitaryan's year of birth: 1966

Marine Mkhitaryan's entrance to the USA, 2001.

Port of entry, Boston/MA

She dropped out from the Muskie Program in 2003.

Got pregnant in 2003, stayed out-of-visa for three years 2003-2006, another violation (as the maximum allowed period for the out-of-visa stay is 6 months only).

She gave birth to her daughter (Sophia Noble) out of wedlock, during the out-of-visa stay. The father was unknown and untraceable, as she had dated too many men in that short period of pregnancy-planning.

William R. Noble (YOB 1966), from 168 Higgins Crowell Rd West Yarmouth MA 02673-3422, agreed to marry her, to father that child and make her green card (against the rules of the USA Department of State).

The marriage was registered in 2006 (despite of the grievance of the Edmund Muskie Program's Administration and the USA Department of State).

In 2009, Marine Mkhitaryan (already Marina Noble) took the oath (covering her criminal life), fooled the Government and became a USA citizen (unlucky for all of us....).

Since then, she is in search of jobs, and cannot keep any job because of her criminality and scandalous, libelous nature. This site ( and other hate-sites she operates, are making her bread on cost of our ruined lives and careers.

It is unlikely, that Immigration Authorities will deport her after her long journey to this day. However, she will be obligated and enforced to pay the FINE to the Government ( $10,000 - $35,000) for her 212E violations back in 2004.

This will be the justice served .

Don't wait and don't think twice. Report this demon today. Report Marine Mkhitaryan (today's Marina Noble) to the Immigration Authorities. You can also report about her hate-site business to her local Police at Watertown, MA. Their details:

Phone: (617) 972-6500


Chief Michael Lawn, mlawn(@)

Bureau of Field Operations, rdupuis(@)

Check their directory at:
May 17, 2017

PHP Agency

Many young Hispanics like myself are being victimized by a cult leader named Patrick BetDavid.

He shows them fancy sport cars and sells them dreams of becoming millionaires on Youtube.

The only millionaire in this company is BetDavid. His promises of wealth and success are shallow promises to the gullible masses that dream of better lives.

Start your own life insurance agency and build your own business.

If you follow him all you will acquire is more debt and stolen dreams.

Go build your own life insurance agency and build a better life for you and the community.

Any company that forces you to recruit unqualified victims just to get your list of people you know and sell to them without telling you all the facts upfront is dishonest and not a good way to be in business.

This company is not transparent. Anyone without a good conscience should do very well in this company.

If you have any decency stay away from anyone at this company of bad suits and sweaty palms.
May 16, 2017

PHP Agency

I decided to interview and almost decided that I would join this company. After paying the $150.00 for my licensing, which I already had and training materials which were still to come. I decided, after sleeping on it, that I did not want to join this company. I have been trying now, for 13 business days to get a refund from PHP Agency, as it is written in the contract section 15.3 that if requested within 72 Hours you would receive a refund. The Sr. District Manager Michael Bryan does not respond to phone messages, text messages etc...Their California # listed on the contract is disconnected. Mr. Bet-David does nt respond to messages. I expect them to follow their written policies and not hide like children and be unprofessional. I have tried to get a response from their admin and to no avail...Nothing. I have tried to reach out to Mr. Bet-David and no response. If they treat their prospective business partners in this manner, How do they treat their clients? This is very unethical and unprofessional.
May 14, 2017

PHP has opened up so many doors from people of all walks of life

Reading all of these reviews, it sounds like a bunch of people that either tried out the business, or people from other insurance companies just trying to bash PHP. I am almost positive that these are the same people that complain about everything in their lives. Just because it didnt work out for u, doesnt mean that its a scam. How about taking some responsibility for the fact that you didnt want to educate yourselves and put in the work that needs to be done? Do u work 18 hours a day trying to make it for your family or are u the person who puts in a couple of hours and says it doesnt work. How much TV are u watching? Are u playing video games 15 hours a day. Dont complain that u arent winning in life when ur actions dont match up to your mouth. Work is the variable of success! Have a nice day!
May 13, 2017

Figure out what you are actually talking about!

For all you folks bad mouthing IUL policies, be aware that whole life is ALSO term insurance with a savings component.

It also NOT the company that is bad, just some of the people. If you are interested in the insurance industry, you can make money equally badly or well in PHP or any other vehicle. It is, after all, insurance.

If you want to sell stuff, that is what this company does. It provides no advisory services, and these folks can't provide any investment advice. Their mission, whether they want to say so or not, is to sell insurance. If you are a normal family, you should probably have some. If you don't need any, they really can't help you.

If you work hard at anything, you will make money. This company doesn't have any special powers.

If you look at the company's financial record, be aware that it is organized as an LLC. This means that,if they go bankrupt, stakeholders (they promise you that you have an equity position in the company) have no position or rights in the settlement. They also have no financial backing or assets, other than themselves. And your stake? This is organized as a predatory LLC, meaning that one person, with a sliver of ownership (the founder, in this case), actually makes all of the decisions. There are no protections of voice in this LLC structure! No true board of director or trustees.

If you look at this company, be aware that they have handed over some top positions to people who have been BANNED from licensing....both at the national level (FINRA) and the state Dept. of Insurance level. Some even have sold unregistered securities (in an illegal manner) time after time.....repeated violations.

Also, stop complaining that they make you come up with a list of people to work with. Complainers here have no idea what they are talking about. All major insurance distributors do this, so why would it be wrong when this company does it? Check out the brand names that do this: Prudential, Mass Mutual, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, just to name a few. If you don't want to use a list of names, then you need to find a different any business. And quit complaining that they don't provide leads. Are you stupid? What legitimate company actually believes that cold calling strangers is actually a viable and non-harassment method of marketing a product?

People in PHP are NOT advisors. If they position themselves this way, seek out another real advisor. If you want to sell insurance, this may be a way, but there are other, better opportunities. Their leadership is definitely defective.

Also, if you buy insurance from someone because they have a nice car, you are probably an idiot.
If you join a company because people have nice cars, you need to get a better set of friends.

I am not in PHP.
May 11, 2017

Php ... stop being fake

I guess php employees show their true colors here than in person.....
# cult # I drive a better car than u guys when I left the meeting
May 5, 2017

Pierrepauldrivingschool car,bus,truck. 7185766277

I love everything about php. I will recommend to anybody that is out looking to get serious with life. They are the best place to turn for help.
May 5, 2017

scammers always want to live in a lie

to all you claim your big timers in php please quit living in a lie its all fake none of those cars are yours but its ok we know y'all have to act like you work hard and own expensive things to front but funny how y'all live in apartments or very house that do not show you make real money , apparently y'all can make 200k in a week by just scamming people haha funny i make those 200k a day owning my own business and not scaming people y'all are just the little bitches of the ceo so instead of php y'all will be called bhb bitches helping bitches
May 4, 2017

Stay away...

I really do mean that. Here's a story for everyone.
I was called for an interview and went later on in the week. First off, the location was off-putting. It was on the second floor of a Bank of America in Davie/Plantation. It seemed pretty empty up there. After I went in the office, I was unsure if this was the place. Looked real plain inside.
After waiting a few minutes, I got interviewed. This was about 2 hours. Really (They said it would be about 20-30 minutes).
They ask about my life, my goals, why I work, what motivates me to do all these things. We spoke about different insurance plans. We talk about finance for a bit, albeit some of it being the person making mistakes often.
I was shown a video of the company and their most recent Expo, showing me one with Magic Johnson. (Look it up if you don't believe me!). I was skeptical of joining but ended up signing up. Paid $150 (they said it was normally $179 but if I signed up today, I get a discount.). Look at that...

Now here's where it gets interesting. After talking about all that was mentioned above, we don't talk about insurance or even about finance after I sign up. I end up watching a video on Ed Slott instead, speaking about life insurance. After finishing, I'm asked what I thought about it. Said it was interesting. Immediately after that, I am told that we can start on our FastStart program. All this is is simply writing down your reasons for working with them and....getting a list of people you know and their contact information. By calling the people I wrote down, I had to sell them what was essentially a membership. It doesn't outright say it on the paper they gave me but I have seen this before to know what was going on.
For me to move up and make commission (not salary pay, but commission), I had to sign them up. I told them I'll do it tomorrow.
Leaving the office, I felt uneasy. Almost like I was pressured to call these people. Usually, I look up companies and see if they're legit or not. This time, I had been lazy. At home, I looked it up and saw complaints and stuff.

There's two big takeaways from this whole experience.
1. When you pay the fee to sign up with them, I looked up the classes I would have to take after passing my license (I could get my fee back of paying to take the exam if I finished it before 30 days I think it was). However, the classes after that exam, you have to pay out of your own pocket. Yeah, that's right. The company does not reimburse any money for these classes. They have expos (mentioned above) and you have to pay for that as well! Compared to another place I applied to, they would pay for everything but a fingerprint fee for the state.
2. Now this is the reason that really got me to write this review. If you read the part where I was skeptical of signing up, I had asked the person if there was a refund. The person said no. After looking at the contract back home, I was essentially lied to. (Important!!! If you signed up to this company, don't believe the agent about there being no refunds. You actually have three days to do so. THREE days.) There's a part in your contract (Section 15 I think it was) where it even says so. E-mail them, talk to the marketing director, do everything you can to get your money back before it's too late. To call them, you actually have to use the number located on your member page. The other one they have is out of service.....look at that.

Hopefully this review was of help to any of you considering joining this company. I could go on and on about this company but let's leave it at this.
May 3, 2017

Check it out for yourself

People who come on board because they see the vision and don't work the business will fail. And when they fail it's easier to blame the scam they fell for instead of the fact they didn't do it. Compensation is real. Cars are real. Cash flow is real. Does it happen to everyone - no. Why? Some don't have what it takes as an entrepreneur. That's not PHPs fault. It's yours. If you want an opportunity to hit financial freedom - this is it. Work hard, follow the education you receive, use the mentorship provided, training 4x a week, online and iTunes education. If you don't learn the business you will fail. If you're expecting a miracle of fast cash overnight it's not going to happen. It's work like everyone else. 6 figures is not uncommon. If you want it you can have it and more if you work it.

And my suggestion is to balance this. The title of this site is scam report. If you were looking for balanced reviews you searched out a negative platform. Instead of looking for a reason to fail look for all the reasons to have it succeed. Seriously - worst case scenario you learn something you didn't know about how to build tax free wealth. Best case scenario - you build your wildest dreams.
Apr 30, 2017

PHP full of lies Fake watches and cars.

The cars arent fake but what they do is lease cars so the young gullible pigeons with cheap business suits fake Rolex pose next to them and take a picture. They also lease the car for the fake agents who are recruiting the most, kinda like what Mary Kay does with there top salesmen. Its all made to look like they are making big time money to lure young suckas in (selling lies). but its true that no one is driving a nice car, has a nice house ect. only the top liars are making it. fuck em, start your own business. Theres many way to make money. May God have mercy on their souls because theres a special place in hell for people who operate pyramid schemes.
Apr 30, 2017


i feel sorry for the people who join. This is a Pyramid scheme that targets Latinos like herbalife . The only people making money are the narcissist at the top recruiting, because thats how they trap you. Be your own boss and start your own business dont join this cult.
Apr 28, 2017

IUL cash value lies

PHP in my opinion is no different than WFG! Selling IUL policies to people mainly because it make the company and agents a high commission!

An ILL policy is really a Annual Renewable Term policy with a very poor savings plan attached!

Most of the agents selling IUL policies don't even understand what they are selling! All they really know is it pays good commissions and they repeat what has been told to them on in the selling points!

From an agents point of view selling IUL policies is good but at the expense of the client! For the client this policy gives them much lower insurance coverage at a higher cost!

I can keep going on and on about how bad IUL policies are (cash surrender charges, loan fees, NO cash saved for 1 or more years, ect.) and I suggest people do their research before being SOLD such a poor protection product!

Hope this helps!
I'm always at the Galleria if you need help understanding how cash value policies work!

Raul G.
Glendale, CA.
Apr 19, 2017

PHP Agency and People Helping the People

This company they make me join with the pressure. Everybody talking big but nobody driving the nice car accept the big shots.

I feel pressured to make the join and make no money but spend money all the time.

They say if you no bring us people we done help you.

Make me sad I loose the money on this company.

Only people that make the money is the big peoples on they top.
Apr 17, 2017

Php is freedom.

No one can force you to do something you don't want to do. In my opinion, PHP is an excellent agency not only that teaches you how to be organized with your money, but the phenomenal leaders and mentors give their all to help you not only become financially secure but also invest in YOUR personal development as a leader. People with closed minds are scared to push themselves to higher grounds. They give up after hearing some bad reviews or after things become difficult. I rather be a risk taker towards a specific vision than settle for a mediocre job with no stability. Best of luck for the pigeons.
Apr 12, 2017

Php a place really check before you are in

I was recruited by my friend with the idea of building a businesss and live on residual income and of course I started by paying a fee for signing up taking the class and then went to their rraaraah meetings. All they did just throw speeches but nothing to learn about insurance of course you buy insurance and bring a list of 25 more suckers to call and try to join after you. Question that have been answer is if I start selling the first ten policies I must split my commission and is there a residual and if I quit my book of business is absolutely gone. If my customers cancel their policies of course is all gone too. I will look into more reputable companies that don't charge you a fee to sign up and teach you the business upfront and let you see the clear picture upfront. I love sales but I am very realistic don't like to fool people and get rich of the poor and uneducated people.
Apr 12, 2017


Been approached by Iliana Gonzalez in Santa Barbara area. She has scammed multiple people in LA area before moving to SB.

She is a good bullshitter and scammer that will get you into their office with an appointment without even telling you what her SCAM company is doing. Watch out for her kindness and nice words that will make you fall for her BS!!

Do not waste your time. WATCH OUT!!

Facebook link:
Apr 6, 2017

PHP Agency Matthew Sapaula

This is the leaders from PHP Agency known as the People Helping the People.

Matthew Sapaula, Matthew Sapaula Inc. ...

Than You tell me is honest company?
Apr 6, 2017

PHP Agency

No one making any real money except maybe 10 peoples.

If you making so much money and driving fancy car give your name and show us your Maserati and show us your 2016 tax return. Bloc out your social security number.

Upload your pictures wit you fancy car.
Apr 5, 2017

Yall crazy

Its crazy how people are mad about something they aren't apart of. PHP is looking to help the community and those seeking better employment opportunities. Whats a pyrimid scheme? people say its those that make money of off everyone else below them but they do that anywhere if you think about it. Fast Food, Retail, Packing, Fields, Doctors, literally everywhere. You start at the bottom there's those above you who make money off of you like your boss, your manager, your ceo, and anyone in a higher position. Its a system used everywhere. So what really is a pyramid scheme.
PHP has some of the best mentors that help you achieve your goals. They don't tell you what to do, no one holds you accountable for your job, why? Because that's your responsibility if you want to succeed. They will train you in every aspect of the business but its your decision to move forward or stay comfortable. There is endless possibilities with PHP, hard work gets rewarded with recognition and free trips to other countries all paid for. Tell me when was the last time your employer did that for you. Instead you help your employers dreams come true when you work for them. If you don't succeed with PHP you can definitely learn a lot in regards to getting knowledge in how to starting up your own business.
Because of php i am now more independent, more organized, and I self-develop a lot more we are to busy working to counter act a lot of there's horrible reviews of people who quit or never gave it a try.
Apr 4, 2017

PHP is Amazing, Your Life Sucks

im 20 years old, been in the business for 1 year, and now I'm driving a 2017 Maserati. I'm traveling all over the world and country, making a great income. And guess what haters? YOURE NOT! So since you want to talk crap, go flip a patty and ask for a raise!
Mar 29, 2017

PHP Agency

PHP scams hardworking families out of money to join their company making them think they will become rich.

They also sell policies to people that can't afford them.

The owner, Patrick Bet David is a real sleazy character acting as if he is the second coming.

I met this guy at one of the offices and people just follow this guy like a cult leader.

I lost a lot of money because of this company over the last 6 month I was affiliated with them.

They will drain you and kick you to the curb.

Join a reputable company like Transamerica. Better commissions and less sleaze and deception.
Mar 29, 2017


Just like so many ppl I am a skeptic. I do my research on everything. The life insurance industry is a wonderful industry to be apart of for those of you that actually do research and not just listen to people we will never see,hear,or touch. Life insurance has been around since the ancient Rome times. Its has since then evolved with many different life insurance products which again if you do actual research on the different products and not just from ppl again you cant See, Hear or touch you will find that one of them might suit your needs.

Now you can get into the industry many different ways

1. you can go to a more traditional home service platform (home service agent)
-you get a book of business
-you door knock
-you collect monthly premiums either through mail or driving to the clients home
-you have a manager helping you along the way most time its once a week
-when you leave clients stay with the company
-you have turn in days of premiums you collected through the week twice a week

2. you can go with a more independent agent working for a brokers office
-you find clients
-your broker will agent train you
-when you leave your broker keeps your book of business
-your license is captive (you cannot sell any other company products but the company your working for)
-you have a known name company that ppl recognize
-you have training classes typically once a week

3. lastly you can go with a platform of independent agent/broker
-you find your own clients
-you can become a broker
-you keep your clients
-your not captive to one carrier
-you have to put in all the work
-you have training classes twice a week

so here is how I see PHP and the other firms that act on the platform of #3
why wouldn't I try something that #1 I know is an industry that has been here for quite some time #2 I get to keep my clients if I choose to walk away

Scam is a word these days that ppl throw into their vocabulary so easily. If we look at many different Industries that take ppl's money and offers them success we would think the whole world was a scam.

lets look at Gyms
ppl pay a monthly fee with down payments with skinny ladies and buff men walking around like its going to be easy to get in shape. Truth is that Gyms do work but they wont work if we don't. We again have that decision to make on what route we want to take. Do I put the work in to get the results or do I pay this fee and not loose the weight and blame the Gym? hmmm could be classified as a scam I would say. takes ppl's money with a lie that we will be skinny but in the end I wasn't skinny.

now we have colleges
ppl pay tutitions to get a degree with a promise to get that degree and that job is going to have a red bow on it when your done. Again the choice is yours colleges do work if you do. but if you go to school and dont apply yourself it wont work. There is that saying again If you work you will get the success. Another thing that we can call a scam That college took my money with the idea that I was going to get a good job and that is not what happen.

Any industry that you go into that you need a license to operate in I would call that more of a profession then a scam. even without research everyone knows that if you Scam someone your License is at stake. I highly doubt that someone would go through the hassle of getting license to scam ppl knowing that your license can be revoked and never to be issued again.

at the end of the day make your own decision not one based off of people that have no clue what this industry does and from people you have never met.

if someone tells me chocolate isnt good on here doesnt mean Im not going to try it myself and see.
Mar 28, 2017

PHP Agency

Be very careful. A woman from Woodland Hills office has been calling me every week. I told her I am not interested.

Then someone else called me today and said they work in HE and are looking for sharp people.

She then asked me if I knew any sharp people that were open minded!!??


I wish they would stop chasing me down.

I'm glad I checked into them and found this website.

So many bad reviews can't be a good sign.
Mar 28, 2017

They're after me

Mar 28, 2017

Php scammed

This guy's are selling you idea that you going to be rich and get ownership of this companies.

No one accept this people at top is making any real moneies.

Only maybe 7 people's are making g the money. Not many people's even make $30000 a years working in this bizness.

You are fooled if you think this is money to makes with the People Helping People. They cheat on you. No money here just make you foolish.

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